Production History

Mainstage 2017


It’s gonna be KILLER.

The School of Night is proud to present this postmodern potpourri of slasher-horror, revenge tragedy, martial-arts action, grand-guignol, superhero origin, gladiatorial combat, vigilante-crime, and sadomasochistic kink calculated to titillate, tantalize, tense, and terrify. The play contains violence, gore, sexuality, sexual violence, drug use, adult language, gunshots, and eighties-nostalgia. No one under 17 will be admitted.


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Hollywood Fringe 2017

The Faggot King or the Troublesome Reign and Lamentable Death of Edward the Second


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Hollywood Fringe 2016

Congratulations to the entire Punch and Judy team for their Stage Raw Nominations – Best Comedy Ensemble, Best Comedy Director and Best Fight Choreography!

Congratulations to Jen Albert, Fight Choreographer of Punch and Judy for her LADCC Award!

PunchAndJudyBannerWritten and directed by Christopher Johnson

Highly Recommended!
“Punch and Judy is that very rare thing, a truly classy fringe show, with no caveats or reservations.”
— FringeReview

“The top of this year’s list of must-see Fringe shows.”
Stage Raw 

“The six cast members are all outstanding. This is a brilliant and hilarious show.”
— ArtsBeatLA

“100% perfect! Punch and Judy is absolutely flawless.”
Gia on the Move

“PLATINUM! A show that is a genuine case study of style and comic delivery that deserves to be preserved in amber.”

Editors’ Pick!
“Johnson’s direction is excellent.”
— Blog Critics

Mr. Punch will tickle your ribs as he bludgeons, stabs, slashes, burns, shoots and inappropriately gropes his way straight into your heart.

This live-action adaptation of the western world’s most enduring popular entertainment follows the beloved and irascible domestic abuser Punch on a hilarious and kill-crazed day of adventure. All your favorite characters are sure to put in appearances: Judy, Pretty Polly, Scaramouch, Jim Crow, Toby the Dog, Jack Ketch, Hector the Horse … even Old Nick himself, the Devil and Prince of Lies, will wind up on the receiving end of Punch’s tomfoolery.

Drawing on performance traditions as richly varied as Commedia dell’Arte, the Roman gladiatorial games, the English mystery plays, Kenpo Karate, Le Theatre du Grand-Guignol, Dorian Mime (?!) and Hollywood action-splatter cinema, The School of Night is proud to present a blast of theatrical bombast crafted to batter and berate its viewers into giddy, satisfied submission.

Not recommended for kids.

Punch and Judy premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in Los Angeles, CA on June 9, 2016.


Photos by Darrett Sanders