Though Kahless himself, angry god of arms,
And all of Qo’noS’s potentates conspire
To dispossess me of this new-won crown,
Yet will I wear it in despite of them
As great commander of all Klingondom.
Full bowls of bloodwine to the god of war!
-Tamburlaine the Great



The Gabh ghe’naQ theatre ensemble returned to earth after a sold out run on Qo’noS to perform their unique take on Christopher Marlowe’s Tamburlaine the Great, parts I and II.


“Taking Christopher Marlowe where no Elizabethan has gone Before. An immensely creative and inventive staging.”TVolution

“A new level of excellence.” – Tracey Paleo, Gia on the Move

“This is an epic theatre piece presented with full pageantry.” –  Audience Review

“OMG it was amazing. Amazing, I tell you! ” – Audience Review

“This show was exactly the nerdy, creative bloodbath I wanted it to be.” – Audience Review

“The weaponry (and “blood”).
The costumes!
The campiness.
The ship combat!
The music… OMG the music.
And that final combat scene. omg OMG *O*M*G*!
… I’m speechless!” – Audience Review

Photos by: Darrett Sanders



Daniel Adomian
Jen Albert
Dawn Alden
Colin A Borden
Jeremiah Crothers
Jeff Doba
Lili Fox-Lim
Matt Harding
Chloe Madriaga
Sarah Nilsen
Josette Nordman
Skip Pipo
Jon Tosetti


Director: Christopher Johnson
Fight Choreographer: Jen Albert
Stage Manager: Tanya Telson
Percussionist/Foley: Wendy Heimann-Nunes
Costume Designer: Linda Muggeridge
Sound Designer: Ryan Beveridge
Lighting Designer: Aiden de Jong
Choral Director: Jake Anthony
Model Builder/Painter: Isaiah Burgess
Graphic Designer: Andrew Leman
Properties Design: Christopher Johnson and Andrew Leman

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